» About Pilates

Pilates takes its name from its creator Joseph H Pilates. Over 600 specifically designed exercises focus on strengthening and defining the body uniformly. Unlike any other training discipline, the exercises are non-weight bearing and rely on body alignment plus proper breathing to achieve a longer, leaner body shape with significant strength and stability, targeting the body’s core muscles: the abdominals, hips, buttocks and lower back.

Pilates exercises are often recommended to rehabilitate injuries and to proactively avoid new injuries.

Pilates today is taught in several forms, directly reflecting the legacy of Joseph Pilates, who developed the method some 80 years ago. He did not lay down a formal training programme, with the result that, on his death, his ‘disciples’ continued teaching by adding their own variations to the core philosophy and exercises. This flexibility in approach is one of the reasons why Pilates has been so successful over this time period. Many different levels to work at from beginners to advanced. Equipment is used in classes ie. gym balls, thera bands, tension rings and foam rollers to increase strength and create more resistance.