Pilates For Canoeing

Whether you kayak or canoe, core strength, great posture, & flexible, balanced muscles are so important. Pilates can help you build this.

Join us on our next beginners workshop & start adding a Pilates class into your weekly fitness schedule. We’d love to see you!



The saying goes that…

Not all those who wander are lost.

Exercise like Pilates is fantastic for your body. Rest is great for recovery. Getting out into nature is good for the soul.

Take a walk this week, enjoying Spring time, flowers, fresh air & the benefits of nature on every part of your being.

New Term Details

The current term ends on Saturday 25th May and we will then have a one week break for half term. The new term will start Monday 3rd June. This will be an 8 week term and will take us to the summer holidays (finishing Saturday 27th July).

The cost of the new term is £60.00 (£52.00 for Concessions) & Sticks are £68.00.  If you wish to join the new course, then please make your payment before the end of this term to confirm your place.

You can contact Jakki on 07778 315 787 or 0191 536 6251
or by email: 

Pilates For Everyone

You may have seen fitness fanatic celebrities exiting Pilates studios, which is fantastic, it helps to put Pilates even more on the map. But it’s not only for well known gym bunnies.

Pilates has many benefits which can help everyone. Enhance your flexibility, improve your posture, relax your mind. Joan Collins credits Pilates for helping her into the ‘best shape of her life’, and she’s in her eighties! Pilates really is for everyone!

Don’t delay, get Pilates in your life. Book onto our next beginners workshop or start your journey with a one-to-one lesson with our teacher Jakki. Contact Purely Pilates North East here.

Our Next Beginners Workshop

If you haven’t yet started your Pilates journey, we’d love for you to join us at our next beginners workshop.

This is a one off class held every other month and is designed for people with no experience in Pilates technique. It is a full introduction to the Pilates method.

The cost of the workshop is £17.00 per person and booked on a first come first served basis. To book onto the next workshop, please contact us now at: info@purelypilatesnortheast.co.uk

Join us on Sunday 28th April between 10am – 12:30pm.

Get Your Sweat On

Pilates is generally considered to be a gentle exercise but it can make you sweat! Sweat can actually help to detoxify the body. Exercising also increases the level of feel-good endorphin hormones that are naturally released. So Pilates can breed happiness. Get your sweat on with Pilates.

Book your next Pilates class with Purely Pilates North East.

New Term Details

The current term ends on Monday 8th April. We will then have a two week break for Easter.

The new term will start on Tuesday 23rd  April and will be a 5 week term (Mondays will be including 8th April to make up for the extra bank holiday this term).

The cost of the new term is Matwork- £37.50 (concessions £32.50), Sticks £42.50  If you wish to join the new course, then please make your payment before the end of this term to ensure your place.

Many thanks as always – Jakki from Purely Pilates North East.

Pilates For Life

Pilates can be used for so many different things. From improving your mental health to weight loss & building that core strength.

The exercises that Pilates involves help you grow, physically & mentally and is good for your mind, body & soul.

Pilates can change your life!