New Year’s Resolutions Pilates

Whether it’s a New Year’s Resolution or you’ve just decided that now is the time to take the step, if you want to start to feel the benefits of Pilates this year, join us at Purely Pilates North East.

You can either start your journey on a beginners workshop or opt for a one to one session to give you the knowledge to join one of our regular classes.

Contact Jakki on 07778 315 787 or 0191 536 6251 or by email: for more & we look forward to welcoming you to the studio soon.

Merry Christmas From Purely Pilates North East

We can’t believe it’s Christmas Eve & the year end is in sight!

We’d like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas & all the very best for the New Year.

Be sure to look after yourself & if one of our resolutions for the New Year is to take up Pilates, you know where we are!

Enjoy the festivities & well see you in 2019!

Pilates for Christmas

Why not give the gift of Pilates this Christmas?

Here at Purely Pilates North East we know that Pilates is for life. So why not give the gift of this awesome exercise class to a loved one this Christmas? It’s better than a bottle of wine or a box of chocolates as it keeps on giving. It’s a lifestyle that rewards the mind & helps the body. Gift vouchers are available now, just contact Jakki on 07778 315 787 or 0191 536 6251 or by email:

We hope you are enjoying the festive season & we hope to see you in the studio soon.

Next Term Information

Our current term ends on Thursday 20th December, we will then break for the Christmas 2 week holidays.

The new term will then start on Monday 7th January 2018 and will be a 6 week term costing £45 for Matwork class (£39 for concessions) & £51 for Sticks.

If I could please request all payments for the new term be in by the end of this term (20th  Dec), as it gets very busy in January and it would help me ensure classes are not over-subscribed.

Thank you & enjoy the holidays!

Pilates for Strictly Come Dancing

As we shared on our Facebook page, Pilates is undertaken by many elite dancers.

The benefits are endless and include having time to re-balance, release and re-connect.

So when you’re watching the celebrities on Strictly, know that many of the professional dancers will use Pilates during their weekly workout schedules.

Keeeeeeep dancing!

Sceptical To Try Something New

We sometimes want to try something new but can be sceptical about what it can truly offer us. This can often be the case with Pilates. People have heard that it does good, but they don’t always think it will benefit them as a person. We recently found an article written by a sceptical individual. It’s a good post, a great guide & very much worth reading if you’re considering attending a class but aren’t 100% sure yet.

Take a look at the article on SparkPeople here.

Men Are Feeling The Benefits Of Pilates

So often people seem to like Pilates is just for yummy mummies, heading to class before a skinny soy latte and a natter with their friends ahead of the school pick up.

It might surprise you to discover that more men than ever are taking up the exercise class.

With the likes of sports persons such as Andy Murray & David Beckham stating that they partake in Pilates classes, to 007 himself Daniel Craig attending them, men are clearly reaping the benefits of Pilates classes, building their core, enhancing their flexibility and so much more.

Men, don’t be a stranger, sign up for our classes.

Pilates Before & After Birth

There are so many benefits of doing Pilates whilst you’re pregnant. Always check with your doctor first and ensure that your instructor is competent and you’re doing the exercises properly.

There are also benefits of doing it after birth too. One of these benefits is to rebuild your bore strength which is so important when you’re doing a lot of heavy lifting as a parent. Check out this article.

Pilates Term Information

Hello. Our current term ends on Saturday 20th October and we will then have one week break for half term.

The new term starts Monday 29th October, this will be an 8 week term and a 7 week term for Saturdays taking us to the Christmas holidays.

The cost of the new 8 week  Matwork term is £60.00 or £52.00 for concessions and Saturday 7 week matwork is £52.50 or concessions £45.50.  7 week Sticks £59.50.

If you attend 2 classes per week, your rate will be £6 per M/Work class.  If you wish to join the new course, then please make your payments before the end of term to ensure your place.

Pilates Won’t Mess Up Your Hair

Bustle reckons that Pilates is the perfect exercise if you’re planning on heading out straight afterwards.

It’s a demanding workout but not one that will leave you needing to sort your hair out afterwards before your night on the tiles. If this sounds like the kind of exercise for you, please do get in touch.

Book your next Pilates class with Purely Pilates North East.