Running & Pilates

Whether you’re a seasoned runner who takes on weekly park runs, earns PBs & racks up miles per week, or someone new to the runner’s world, perhaps having started as a New Year’s Resolution, adding pilates into your week could help with your running.

Whilst running is a good way to keep in great cardiovascular shape, your body can take a beating. Certain muscles are overused, others are underused and all of this can result in a range of aliments, including back, hip and knee problems.

Pilates exercises help to create a stronger, flexible spine and core whilst also promoting quicker recovery from injury. It also helps you to focus on your head and neck in relation to the spine and pelvis and continue through the legs and toes. This means more efficient body movement and less chance of injury. Pilates compliments running.

Exercising with pilates will help you:

  • achieve a more upright running style
  • evenly build up your back muscles
  • expand your diaphragm
  • increase the range of motion in your hips & shoulders
  • increase your overall balance, strength & flexibility

A stronger, more stable core helps you, the runner:

  • run more efficiently downhill with a stronger and more balanced sciatic area
  • experience less tightening in the neck, head & shoulders
  • focus on proper movement with better kinaesthetic awareness
  • shave seconds off your times because you move more efficiently
  • and ultimately, run without pain

Join Jakki at Purely Pilates North East where you can dive into the world of pilates which will not only benefit your running ability, you’ll also meet new people and benefit your general wellbeing.

Pilates During Pregnancy

Pilates during pregnancy has been in the public again again recently with Andy Murray’s wife Kim Sears was snapped heading to a class. When done properly, pregnancy pilates is perfectly safe.

Make sure to check that your instructor is trained in teaching pregnant women & choose a pilates class that’s appropriate for pregnant women. Please check our classes page for more information.

The main benefit of pilates during pregnancy is that it targets those muscles & functions, in a safe way, that can be a problem during & after birth. There is even some research which suggests that doing pilates regularly can be as effective as doing pelvic floor exercises.

Regular pilates will strengthen your tummy muscles, reduce back pain & help you with balance which is ideal as your bump grows. It will also strengthen your pelvic floor, take the strain off your back & pelvis whilst showing you how to relax & control your breathing, perfect for labour!

Is there anything to do if you’re new to pilates? Make sure you can find your pelvic floor muscles. If you are able to do a good pelvic floor contraction, you’ll get more out of your pilates session.

Get in touch with Jakki today to find out more & book your pilates session at Purely Pilates North East.

Get Into Pilates

There’s no better time to get into Pilates with Purely Pilates North East.

Our next beginners course starts on Sunday 21st February 2016 at 10:00am to 12:30pm. It’s £17 per person or
you can book a complete 6 week course for only £42 per person.

The new Pilates term starts the day after on Monday 22nd February. It’s a 5 week term (4 week for Saturday classes) which takes us to the Easter holidays. The cost is £35 matwork & £30 concessions. Saturday’s £28 and £24 concessions (sticks £32).

Book with us by calling 0191 536 6251 or emailing

Come along, bring your friends & enjoy Pilates in the North East, with Purely Pilates.

Join Jakki in ‘Gentle’ Gym!

image-0021Invite to get fit with pilates…

RESIDENTS in South Tyneside with a New Year fitness bug are being invited to join in with a more gentle way to exercise.

This weekend, Jakki Green, who runs Purely Pilates in Front Street, Cleadon, is holding an introductory workshop for people.

The 42-year-old believes pilates is the perfect way to shed any extra Christmas pounds and keep fit – for people of any age or fitness.

The session, which will be held on Sunday at 10am, will be a full introduction to pilates, which has celebrity fans like David Beckham, Myley Cyrus and Kate Winslet.

Ms Green said: “This is the time of year when people are most motivated to get themselves fit.

“But for some, going to a gym can be off-putting and aerobics classes can become repetitive and ultimately boring.

“There are lots of reasons why pilates is a great alternative to other forms of exercise, but I think the main one is that it is for everyone.

“I have young people in my classes and people in their 70s at all different levels of fitness.

“The way pilates works is that we start off very slowly and gradually build up so it gets harder and more challenging as you go along.

“The other thing is that it helps with people’s posture and joints.

“All the work in pilates comes from the body’s core, which gets stronger as you go along – that helps with muscles, joint pain and flexibility.”

Anyone interested in joining the workshop in Sunday must contact Ms Green to book as places are limited.

For information, call 07778 315787 or

Special Offer Private Pilates Lessons

image-0013Purely Pilates is now offering Private Pilates Lessons with one-to-one tuition Jakki Green who has been teaching Pilates for many years. She trained with Europe’s leading Pilates organisation ‘Body Control Pilates®’.

You can benefit from private one-to-one pilates tuition for only £18.00 for a 30 minute lesson.

Call Jakki direct on: 07778 315787 or 0191 536 6251 or by Email:

Why Not Buy a Pilates Lesson Voucher as a Present!

image-0022The ideal gift for you, a friend or partner – Purely Pilates Gift Vouchers.

Pilates sessions and courses are help regularly throughout the week at our Cleadon Village Pilates Studio.

Pilates Gift Vouchers are available for:

Beginners Workshop/Taster Pilates Session – (approx 140 min) for only £17.00
6 Week Matwork Pilates Course – (1 Hour Classes) for only £42.00

We also offer:

• Beginners Pilates Workshop/Taster Pilates Session (This is a one off class held every other month and is designed for people with no experience in pilates technique. It is a full introduction to the pilates method, lasting around 2 hours.)
• Intermediate Classes
• Advanced Classes
• Over 50’s Pilates
• Classes to improve Injury, Back and Joint Problems
• Pilates and Pregnancy Classes
• Pilates Stick Classes

Purely Pilates
41A Front Street
Cleadon Village

Parking is available in the Britannia Car Park.

To book a course or buy a voucher in advance, please call us on:
07778 315 787 or 0191 536 6251 or by email:

Jakki Green of Purely Pilates on Radio Newcastle

Listen to Jakki Green talking to Jonathan Miles about Pilates on his regular interview programme…


The Back4good Programme – Purely Pilates

image-035For The Prevention And Management Of Low Back Pain

More than 80% of the adult population suffer from low back pain at some time in their life. It is one of the most common reasons why people take time off work, and may be distressing and frustrating as quality of life often suffers.

Yet gentle, effective exercise, delivered by a properly trained exercise professional, can often help with the prevention and management of low back pain. This was underlined by the publication by NICE (National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence) in 2009 of medical guidelines recommending that people with persistent non-specific low back pain should be encouraged to stay physically active and exercise. GPs and medical practitioners are encouraged to refer patients, where appropriate, to properly qualified exercise professionals.

Back4Good® Practitioners are exercise specialists who are trained to help people with non-specific low back pain. Practitioners are already experienced Body Control Pilates teachers, having been certified by Europe’s foremost Pilates organisation. They have additionally undertaken extensive training exclusively related to exercise referral and low back pain to become a Back4Good® Practitioner and a Level 4 Advanced Exercise Instructor.

This training has been externally accredited by SkillsActive and The Register of Exercise Professionals who oversee quality and standards for the UK health and fitness industry. All Back4Good® Practitioners are registered as a ‘BackCare Professional’ with BackCare, the charity for healthier backs.