Pilates & Golf

It has been reported (& today we’ve shared the link on our Facebook page) that for the first time ever, a Pilates class will take place at a PGA Tour event tomorrow.

There are many golfers who have already added Pilates to their training, but the idea of the inclusion in the PGA event is to open the benefits to even more people in the world of golf.

Join us at one of our classes in Cleadon Village & find out how Pilates can benefit you.

I love Pilates because…

Different people do Pilates for different reasons.

Some may enough the social side of classes, others may be trying to build their core strength or improve their flexibility. Some class members might be struggling with mental health and find the benefits of Pilates for wellbeing.

The Irish Times published an article here about the reasons for doing Pilates. It’s a great read.

What’s your reason? We’d love you to share it. It might inspire others too. Let us know on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

Nature’s Perscription

There are news articles doing the rounds about doctors prescribing gentle exercise such as Pilates instead of pills.

Exercise has so many benefits and so often we opt for the ‘easy’ medication option.

Pilates is recommended by doctors, osteopaths & health professionals for its benefits for back health, mental wellbeing and keeping active.

Book your Pilates class with Purely Pilates North East today.

Release Endorphins

Exercise can improve the connection between your mind and your body, trigger endorphins and make you happy.

Join us for a Pilates class every week & start to feel the benefits. Flexibility, fitness & friends are just a few of the things on offer!


Summer classes 2018

Monday 30th July – 6pm Int/Adv, 7pm Beginners
Wednesday 1st August – 7.00pm Int/Adv
Thursday 2nd August – 10am Mixed levels, 6pm Int/Adv, 7pm Beginners
Monday 6th August – 6pm Int/Adv, 7pm Beginners
Tuesday 7th August – 10am Mixed levels
Thursday 9th August – 6pm Int/Adv, 7pm Beginners
Saturday 11th August – 10am Mixed levels
Monday 13th August – 6pm Int/Adv, 7pm Beginners
Tuesday 14th August – 6.30pm Pilates Sticks mixed (£8.50 per class)
Wednesday 15th August – 6pm Beginners/Int, 7pm Advanced
Thursday 16th August – 10am Mixed levels
Monday 20th August – 6pm Int/Adv, 7pm Beginners
Tuesday 21st August – 10am mixed levels
Thursday 23rd August – 6pm Int/Adv, 7pm Beginners
Tuesday 28th August – 6pm Beginners
Wednesday 29th August – 7pm Int/Adv
Thursday 30th August – 10am Mixed levels, 6pm Int/Adv, 7pm Beginners

All Matwork classes are £7.50, sticks £8.50 all payable in advance. The class swap system will be
available too. Booking and payment s must be in by the end of this term, please. All classes are
bookable on a first come first served basis.

The new Autumn term starts Monday 3rd September and will be a 7 week term. Matwork is £52.50
(concessions £45.50) and sticks £59.50. If you would like to retain your place, please may I ask that
all payments are made before 30th August, as all class lists will be completed by then.

Pilates Sticks Classes

We have some places available on our Pilates Sticks Classes.

These classes work hand in hand along with our matwork classes, simply challenging you further.

Pilates Sticks is resistance based & mimics the larger Pilates machines like the Tower and the Reformer but in a friendly class environment.

We have a maximum of 9 people per class to allow for individual attention.

Click here for more info & to book please contact Jakki on 07778 315 787 or 0191 536 6251.

Fifa World Cup & Pilates

The football world cup starts this week, with England in a group with Panama, Tunisia & Belgium.

A fair few well-known footballers use Pilates in their workout schedule to improve core strength, enhance flexibility and lengthen playing careers. Ryan Giggs, David Beckham, Gareth Bale, all big names in the world of football & all keen Pilates participants.

Good luck to England & if the fitness of the players encourages you to take up Pilates, please do get in touch.

Click here for more info & to book please contact Jakki on 07778 315 787 or 0191 536 6251.