Our New Swap Class System

We’re introducing a new swap board for all our classes, via BeeInclined.

This will allow our Pilates students to organise their own catch-ups, swap-ins and class swaps online, easily & simply.

Please ask Jakki for more information at your next class.


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New Term Information

The current term ends on Saturday 26th May and we will then have a one week break for half term. The new term will start Monday 4th June. This will be an 8 week term (7 weeks for Saturdays) and will take us to the summer holidays (finishing Thursday 26th July).

The cost of the new term is £60.00 (£52.00 for Concessions) & Sticks are £59.50.  If you wish to join the new course, then please make your payment before the end of this term to confirm your place.


Pilates can be used for rehabilitation.

Lots of injuries are caused by muscular imbalances. The cause of these can be such things as your posture, how you walk, sit, bend, work out or even lay down.

It’s basically about the way we move and the majority of us move incorrectly in some way or another. Unfortunately, this puts a lot of pressure on some muscles and in turn weakens others, which causes the imbalance.

Pilates promotes an even musculature by building your core strength. Book your class with Purely Pilates North East today.

Get Some Sleep

Exercise is important but getting sleep is so important.

Research shows that if you manage less than seven hours of sleep it could actually lead you to cut your workouts short. It should come as no real surprise that lack of sleep can affect your motivation, hand in hand with more exertion and fatigue.

If you miss your exercise, your sleep is more likely to suffer. So it’s a known fact that regular exercise in the daytime will help you sleep better at night.

Find a balance because your body needs exercise, but it also needs time to recover from said exercise.

Term Information

The current term ends on Thursday 29th March. We will then have a two-week break for Easter.

The new term will start on Monday 16th April and will be a 6-week term (except Mondays 5 weeks due to the bank holiday).

 The cost of the new term is Matwork- £45.00 (concessions £39.00), Sticks £51.00 and  Monday’s £37.50 (Monday concessions £32.50).

If you wish to join the new course, then please make your payment before the end of this term to ensure your place.

Thank you.

Pilates For Back Health

Did you know that 95% of the population of the United Kingdom has, or has had backache? You could be part of that number.

Pilates works for those with back problems. The consistent success rate in solving such problems has brought it to the attention of osteopaths, chiropractors, physiotherapists and homeopathic doctors.

Join us at Purely Pilates North East and let’s help your back issues, or keep potential issues at bay.

Pilates For Your Mum

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, you might be looking for a wonderful and unique present for your Mum.

Look no further. Why not book your Mum onto our beginner’s workshop to kickstart her Pilates journey, or if she already attends our classes, pay for her sessions. Pilates is also ideal for Mums-to-be. You could book a private lesson for you and your Mother to share and we also have gift vouchers are available. Our classes all take place in Cleadon Village in Sunderland. We’d love to see you there.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the amazing Mums out there.