With the start of Wimbledon comes an opportunity to look at the benefits of pilates for tennis players. We know that Andy Murray has incorporated pilates into his exercise routine, but who else does & what are the benefits?

Pilates reduces the number of common tennis injuries you pick up, as well as improving your movement, power & your complete tennis game. From strengthening your knees & stabilising your shoulders to making your lower back more flexible for those low down drop shots, pilates & tennis definitely go hand in hand.

Once famous for her bulky, muscular physique, Serena Williams now possesses a slim, toned, athletic silhouette, has improved her game & dropped down to a size ten. Her secret? A strict pilates regime of course! She was determined to stretch & elongate her body to achieve a more streamlined, feminine figure. Mission accomplished, Serena!

Pilates is ace (!) for tennis players!