Everybody knows that it’s harder to exercise, whatever form of exercise, by yourself. It’s more difficult to motivate yourself to get those trainers on & face the impending run, swim or workout, by yourself. Getting a work out buddy is a great idea. You will be able to motivate them when they’d rather have a long soak in the bath followed by a tub of ice cream, just as they will be for you when you’d rather slum it on the sofa.

Working out with friends is a two-in-one appointment. Not only do you accomplish your work out, you spend time together & enjoy a mutual hobby. A walk to & from your class also allows you to chat & catch up on the latest gossip. Your work out buddy will also be a support system; they’re in the same boat as you & know exactly what you’re going through when it’s harder than hard.

Pilates is no different. Here at Purely Pilates North East we offer personal pilates training, which gives much quicker results. Starting with an appointment to assess and highlight areas of weakness or concern, a personal programme will then be created for you. Sharing the cost with a workout buddy not only makes it cheaper, but you get to exercise with a friend.

There are so many other positive reasons to enjoy exercise with a partner. Take a look at this Bustle article for more.