Pilates is not glorified stretching. It uses muscles you didn’t even know you had, which is why so many professional athletes incorporate it into their training regime.

It’s not just for women either. Men are enjoying the benefits of pilates too. Over in the USA, Cleveland Browns defensive back Johnson Bademosi has taken up pilates. “It’s hard,” he says. “I’ve been training for football for 10 years, and the first time I tried Pilates, I felt like a child—I was really struggling.”

Pilates activates lesser-used muscles & fully works the core. “Pilates challenges you with really unfamiliar movements,” says Bademosi. “It’s hard to prepare for what’s needed on the field by just lifting weights.”

With high impact training, in some sports, muscles can become tightened & stressed. Pilates works to lengthen the muscles. Start your journey into the world of pilates with Purely Pilates North East.

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