“The Pilates Method of Body Conditioning is complete coordination of body, mind and spirit.” – Joseph Pilates

In this world of fast-paced-distractions-everywhere-chaos, people often look for a place to relax, calm and be tranquil.

When you think of mindfulness you might straight away picture a Buddhist Monk, but people are wrong to only vision one way to mindfulness.

Pilates is a proven way to rest both your mind and body, whilst making a connection between them. Pilates can help to sharpen the mind, relieve stress, reduce negative emotions and lower blood pressure. Amongst other benefits, these are clearly helpful to our health.

Pilates allows you to concentrate on one thing, your body, every movement and every muscle. You can gain the benefits of mindfulness meditation without sitting still and probably feeling like you’re wasting your time. Cleanse the mind whilst exercising your body, best of both worlds!

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