So many people never find the time, or don’t have the confidence to start something new. It’s the same throughout life in general, but especially with exercise. It’s often easier to stay on the sofa than it is to get your trainers on or walk to the workout studio. Phrases like “I’ll do it tomorrow” are often said or thought, but tomorrow never comes.

Our beginners workshop is the perfect place to begin your pilates journey. You’ll be in an encouraging environment with people in the similar situation to you. Improve your posture, get rid of unwanted stress or tension & enjoy yourself with a little you time! Meet new people, enjoy exercising, you might even find a new passion!

Our next beginners workshop is on Sunday July 24th, starting at 9.30am. It is £17 per person.

Over summer holidays we run summer classes rather than courses. Please see below for what will be on offer. Enjoy pilates with Purely Pilates North East.

Monday 25th July | 6pm Int/Adv | 7pm Beginners

Wednesday 27th July | 6pm Beginners | 7pm Int/Adv

Thursday 28th July | 6pm Int/Adv | 7pm Beginners

Monday 1st August | 7pm Int/Adv

Tuesday 2nd August | 6pm Beginners

Wednesday 3rd August | 6pm Beginners | 7pm Int/Adv

Thursday 4th August | 10am Intermediate | 6pm Int/Adv | 7pm Beginners

Saturday 6th August | 11am Beginners

Monday 8th August | 7pm Beginners

Wednesday 10th August | 6pm Beginners | 7pm Int/Adv

Thursday 11th August | 10am beginners/improvers | 6pm Int/Adv | 7pm Beginners

Monday 15th August | 6pm Int/Adv | 7pm Beginners

Tuesday 16th August | 10am Intermediate | 6pm Beginners | 7pm Int/Adv

Wednesday 17th Aug | 6.15pm Beginners | 7.15pm Int/Adv

Monday 22nd Aug | 6pm Int/Adv | 7pm Beginners

Tuesday 23rd Aug | 6pm Beginners

Wednesday 24th  Aug | 7.15pm Int/Adv

Thursday 25th Aug | 10am Beginners/Improvers | 6pm Int/Adv | 7pm Beginners

Tuesday 30th Aug | 10am Int/Adv | 6pm Beginners | 7pm Int/Adv

Wednesday 31st Aug | 6.15pm Beginners | 7.15pm Int/Adv

Thursday 1st September | 6pm Int/Adv | 7pm Beginners