Many sports people never thought of incorporating Pilates into their training sessions, they thought it was perhaps irrelevent or wouldn’t work for them. But more & more athletes are turning to Pilates for help. The basic benefits of Pilates can assist over a number of sports, including cycling.

  • Riding with a strong core helps to transfer more power to the pedals. It provides a solid platform for the lower body to push against.
  • Exercising and strengthening the deep intrinsic muscles of the abdomen and spine, takes pressure off the superficial muscles. Combine this with a focus on alignment and torso stability which will support you along those long rides.
  • Many riders complain about lower back pain, Pilates is an excellent way for cyclists to acquire more core strength which helps support the lower back.
  • Pilates helps you be in tune with your body, be more self aware about what each part is doing, both on and off the bike. This allows you to correct the things that will increase your speed, power and enjoyment on the bike.

So there are just a few examples of how Pilates can benefit cyclists. Bradley Wiggins has been quoted as saying “I focus on strengthening my core for 30 minutes each day.” It’s best not to argue with the Tour De France winner, Velo d’Or winner & multiple gold medallist! Strengthen that core with Pilates!