Whether you’re a seasoned runner who takes on weekly park runs, earns PBs & racks up miles per week, or someone new to the runner’s world, perhaps having started as a New Year’s Resolution, adding pilates into your week could help with your running.

Whilst running is a good way to keep in great cardiovascular shape, your body can take a beating. Certain muscles are overused, others are underused and all of this can result in a range of aliments, including back, hip and knee problems.

Pilates exercises help to create a stronger, flexible spine and core whilst also promoting quicker recovery from injury. It also helps you to focus on your head and neck in relation to the spine and pelvis and continue through the legs and toes. This means more efficient body movement and less chance of injury. Pilates compliments running.

Exercising with pilates will help you:

  • achieve a more upright running style
  • evenly build up your back muscles
  • expand your diaphragm
  • increase the range of motion in your hips & shoulders
  • increase your overall balance, strength & flexibility

A stronger, more stable core helps you, the runner:

  • run more efficiently downhill with a stronger and more balanced sciatic area
  • experience less tightening in the neck, head & shoulders
  • focus on proper movement with better kinaesthetic awareness
  • shave seconds off your times because you move more efficiently
  • and ultimately, run without pain

Join Jakki at Purely Pilates North East where you can dive into the world of pilates which will not only benefit your running ability, you’ll also meet new people and benefit your general wellbeing.