Looking ahead a few weeks and to our summer classes. Please see our summer classes detailed below.

Classes are £8 each unless you book 3 + then they are £7.50 each. Thanks.


Monday 31st July | 6pm Int/Adv |7pm Beginners

Tuesday 1st Aug | 10am All Levels

Thursday 3rd Aug | 6pm Int/Adv | 7pm Beginners

Monday 7th August | 6pm Int/Adv | 7pm Beginners

Thursday 10th August | 6pm Beginners | 7pm Int/Adv

Tuesday 15th August | 6pm Beginners | 7pm Int/Adv

Thursday 17th August | 10am All Levels | 6pm Int/Adv | 7pm Beginners

Monday 21st Aug | 6pm Int/Adv | 7pm Beginners

Tuesday 22nd August | 10am All Levels

Thursday 24th Aug | 6pm Int/Adv | 7pm Beginners

Tuesday 29th Aug | 6pm Beginners | 7pm Int/Adv

Thursday 31st Aug | 10am All Levels | 6pm Int/Adv | 7pm Beginners