“The complete coordination of body, mind, and spirit.”

Pilates allows you to increase your mind/body connection as you fully engage in each movement with total intention. At first, it might be difficult, letting yourself drop into a state where you feel every muscle movement & understand your positioning, but allowing yourself get past that self conscious phase will benefit your pilates journey.

You’ll release muscle tension as you stretch, getting rid of built up stress, whilst boosting those endorphins which we all know make us feel good. If you don’t feel in particularly good about life, perhaps feel down or upset about how things are going, your sense of mastery will be increased helping you to feel in control. It also provides a distraction from worries as you focus deeply. Sleep is so important for the rest & recovery of the body & mind & after pilates is always pretty awesome as your energy has been expended. Of course, improving your health & body can only lift your mood. It’s all good!

Come & start your pilates journey at Purely Pilates North East. Our new term starts in September, we hope to see you then!